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6 Advantages of Personal Loans Over Other Financing Options

Personal loans can be useful in a number of ways. If you need extra money to cover an emergency or want to plan a significant life event, taking out a personal loan can be a huge help with these things. If you’re wondering how a typical personal loan can help with these things and others in your life, we’ve made a list of benefits.

Emergency Cash

If you need emergency cash in a hurry, a personal loan can save the day. Many people in this situation use the money to cover unexpected expenses that can include medical bills or other emergencies. Some people even use personal loans to save money in emergency funds to help with unexpected expenses in the future.

Debt Consolidation

If you have multiple loans due, you can take out a personal loan to consolidate them. This can be useful if you want to reduce the amount of money you need to pay each month. You can combine multiple debts into one with a personal loan. This is useful if you want to reduce the amount of money you need to pay each month.

Easier to Manage than Multiple Credit Cards

We all know how credit cards can be quite limiting. Suppose you need to borrow $25,000 for a huge expense. Instead of using four credit cards with spending limits of $6,250 each, why not just apply for a single personal loan? You'll avoid late fees, interest charges, and payment due dates with your lender while managing a more considerable amount of money in one place.

Predictable Monthly Payments

Personal loans have fixed interest rates, regular payments, and a specified amount due each month. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll have to pay each month as well as how long it will take to pay off the loan. Unlike personal loans, revolving credit lines, such as credit cards and home equity lines of credit, have variable interest rates, minimum monthly payments, and changing due dates depending on the cardholder’s balance and other financial metrics.

Longer Repayment Terms

Compared to other loan alternatives, personal loans typically pay back principal in two to five years. Interestingly, some unsecured personal loan providers offer terms up to seven years. Alternatives such as payday loans and pawnshop loans have repayment terms of one or two months at most, and they charge astronomical interest rates as a result.

Flexible Spending Options

When it comes to personal loans, flexibility is one of its most beneficial aspects. Unlike most financial loans, personal loans do not mandate what you can and cannot spend the money on. Car loans can only be spent on car-related items, mortgages only on housing-related items, and business loans can only be used for financing businesses. Personal loans, on the other hand, can be spent on almost anything you need money for; paying off debts, financing a wedding, starting a new business venture, or even buying a computer. The lack of restrictions and ability to spend the money how you like gives borrowers the power to make decisions about what more they want to do with their life.


There are many reasons why people choose to take out personal loans. If you are interested in applying for one, make sure to find a lender that will work with you on your needs. Some lenders are more flexible than others, so make sure to compare loan options to find one that will best fit your needs.

Gadsden Finance is here to help you get the means to pay for any sudden big purchases you may face. We understand that being short on funds can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re faced with a time-sensitive expense. Our team can assist you in getting straightforward, honest loans at fair interest rates whenever you need them. When applying for personal loans in Gadsden, AL, reach out to us for help. Contact us today to apply for a loan!

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