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What is a Debt Trap, and How Can You Get Out Of It

One of the problems faced by individuals getting personal loans is the debt trap. It can be a pretty grave issue when swept aside, so it is crucial to learn the causes, preventative habits, and fixes at one's disposal. This article contains all the essential information to know about debt traps and how to get out of them.

What is a Debt Trap?

A debt trap is a kind of situation in which an individual is unable to pay back their debt because of financial inability. This can be attributed to a change in terms, higher interest rates, or incurring multiple liabilities.

With a bad case, one may be under a permanent cycle of borrowing and debt. It is a situation in which you have to pay back higher amounts of money than you have borrowed. Thus, although you are paying back your loan installments, you are still in debt.

Common Causes of Falling into a Debt Trap

One common cause is the high rate of interest and high-performing installment. You will have to pay a higher rate of interest for your loan. So, if you pay a small amount for the loan, your small interest will accumulate into a substantial amount. The cycle can continue until you end up becoming bankrupt.

A lack of planning may also put one in this situation. It is important to avoid being hasty and always take time to read the fine print. Before you complete the formalities of your personal loan, you should be aware of all the details of your loan. You should also know your financial status and whether you can manage the loan repayment or not.

Sometimes, it comes down to spending habits. This is more likely to happen for individuals that use their credit cards frequently and don't pay on time.

How to Get Out of a Debt Trap

The first step is to sit down, take a pen and paper, and list all your debts. You should note the loan amount, interest rates, and your monthly installments. You should not ignore your bank overdraft and credit card balance.

From there, you can pinpoint the source and tackle that first in terms of repayment. Try to get rid of any expenses that aren't necessary until you've fully paid the major cause of your debt trap.

Should you have creditors or lenders, reach out to them and try to get adjusted terms that are easier to meet. If you get trapped in debt, it may be best to put your cards in a drawer and avoid using them. You should also avoid borrowing money from lenders, friends, and relatives.

How to Avoid the Debt Trap

The first thing to do is make a budget plan and make sure you don't deviate from it. If you are planning to get loans, make sure you have a repayment plan. You should also keep an eye on your credit card use and make sure you always pay on time.

The best way to avoid the debt trap is to minimize your spending, avoid defaulting on payments, and think twice before borrowing.


A debt trap can be a major headache, but it is not impossible to get out of. Even if you have bad credit, you aren't necessarily barred from personal loans and ways to try and improve your score. It all comes down to doing your research and adjusting your financial habits to slowly build up to a debt-free place.

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