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Questions on How Installment Loans Affect Your Credit Report

Having a good credit score and history can make or break your potential to purchase and invest. Taking out a loan, paying for a mortgage, and so many other expenses require checking your credit report and seeing the activity. It’s paramount for just about any American to maintain their credit rating to keep their financial options flexible.

Keeping that credit rating does mean overthinking the effects that different money moves can have on your account. If you want to take out an installment loan for any costs that you need to immediately cover right now, skim through the potential perks and repercussions first. Continue reading to learn how installment loans affect your credit report:

What Is An Installment Loan?

An installment loan is a financial arrangement where you take a certain amount of money from a lender. Unlike several other loans, this lump sum can be used for just about any purpose that you can think of. Many use installment loans to finance big purchases like vacations or a car.

Installment loans are paid back over an agreed time period between the borrower and lender, alongside interest and certain fees depending on the arrangement. The given time period may be as short as half a year or drag on for as long as five years.

Do Installment Loans Appear On Your Credit Report?

Yes, installment loans do appear on the credit report of a person. However, how long it shows up on one’s record is a different story, as it’s dependent on several factors. For instance, whether you’re still making payments and whether they’re right on schedule is significant.

Installment loans with late or overdue payments will likely show up in your credit report for seven years or longer. Any fulfilled installment loans will be on your credit report for up to 10 years until the last increment you paid.

How Are Installment Loans Good for Credit?

Any person may typically assume that installment payments provide no positive effects, but that’s not exactly the case at all. The loan’s reflection on your credit report is proof of how you’re able to repay any debts that you have on time, showcasing responsible management.

Along with that, installment loans can influence your credit score, as calculated by FICO. Being able to cover the repayments of those installment loans is a major factor that can significantly boost your credit rating.

How Are Installment Loans Bad for Credit?

Installment loans are only bad for credit when you allow them to be. If you cannot give your payments on time or let them translate into impending debts, the loan’s reflection on your credit report is also proof of that.

Avoid any of the downsides that come with installment loans by connecting with a lender whose financial arrangement terms completely coincide with your capabilities. As long as you can cover all the fees right on time, you’ll only get benefits from your installment loans.


When handled well, an installment loan can be more of an asset to your financial records rather than an ailment. Consider taking one out and repaying it right on time as a way to improve your credit report and rating for any future purposes.

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