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6 Things to Consider before Applying for a Personal Loan

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

When compared to most credit cards or high-interest consumer loans like payday loans, personal loans might be a cost-effective option to borrow money. Taking out a personal loan still accumulates debt, so proceed with caution.

Make sure you answer these six questions before asking a lending company for a loan application.

1. Why Do You Need the Money?

A personal loan may be a good idea if you can use the funds to help you save money, such as debt consolidation. They can also be an excellent way to fund significant purchases, such as critical house repairs.

However, it would be best to think twice before taking out a personal loan to pay for a luxury item like a vacation or a significant wedding. You'll wind up paying interest and making monthly payments for something that won't help you in the long run. There might be financing companies that approve personal loans for bad credit, but it is still very rare.

2. Have You Considered Affordable Funding Options?

The smartest thing to do when needing money is to find affordable lending options. Always make sure that the option you choose is the most affordable one.

Personal loans have lower interest rates than most credit card APRs, though some cards offer a 0 percent promotional rate, which you may be better off with if you can pay off the loan before the 0 percent rate expires. If you need to borrow money to buy a car, an auto loan may be better and more cost-effective.

When deciding how to obtain financing best, consider total loan expenses as well as potential borrower benefits.

3. Do You Have the Financial Wherewithal to Repay the Loan?

Don't borrow unless you're confident you'll be able to make every loan payment on time for the entire term of the loan. If you borrow the money you can't pay back, you'll ruin your credit, risk late fees and penalties, and put yourself in jeopardy.

4. How Much Time Will It Take You to Repay the Loan?

The repayment period for most personal loans is three to five years, but some allow you to pay off your loan sooner or later. Understand how long you'll be in debt and how it will affect other financial goals you want to accomplish during that time, such as buying a house or starting a family.

5. What Are the Loan's Terms?

Make sure you understand every aspect of your loan before you take out a loan. This includes the interest rate and APR, whether the loan has a fixed or variable rate, whether there is an origination charge or prepayment penalties.

You should never take out a loan if you don't understand these terms, as you may end up paying extra fees or, if you choose a variable-rate loan, face escalating monthly payments.

6. What Is the Total Cost of the Loan?

Finally, you should be aware of your monthly payments and the total loan cost, which includes both principal and interest. You can only decide if a loan is worthwhile if you understand the total cost of the money you're borrowing.


Personal loans are a great option to 0 percent APR credit cards, but they're best utilized in combination with a plan, just like any other financial option. Conduct a soft inquiry on the lender's website or a third-party loan marketplace once you've answered the preceding questions to examine your alternatives without compromising your credit score.

Only make a hard inquiry after you've seen what you prequalify for. You can make sure you take out an affordable loan, don't borrow unnecessarily, and don't take out a loan you don't understand. To avoid major financial difficulty, learn the answers thoroughly before signing on the dotted line of a loan application.

Gadsden Finance offers a variety of personal loan amounts in Gadsden, Alaska to suit your needs. We make simple, honest loans and are eager to address any financial concerns or problems you may have. Make sure to contact us before making any loan applications!

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